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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

I also think it is a supply and demand thing with the hookah tobacco as well. Look at the price differnces for just naklah at all the different sites. I completely understand wanting to make a profit. It keeps you are your family fed as well as the roof over your home and business. If Eric sells it at 10 bucks per 250g, the vendors i am sure buy it close to that, maybe a little lower depending on the amount that they buy. So say they buy it at 10 bucks. Sell it for 15. Thats 5 bucks a 250g bag. Hardly a large profit.

I can see if you are buying like 8 kilos a week, ok fine give you a great price to keep you coming back. Only buying 3 kilos every few months or so. In reality, not that great of an idea for a place to cut their profit by that much for you.

If you want to pay the lowest possible prices, go down to see Eric, and buy 3 or more kilos. My buddy goes down there and buys 3+ kilos every 2 weeks. He gets them for about 30 bucks a kilo. Again though, he goes there every couple of weeks. lol. . Let the vendors make thier money, and if you dont like the price, dont buy it. This is just my 2 cents on the situation.
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