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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
if i may chime in aon a couple of points. eric will give you just about the same prices he gives vendors if you make the trip to his store. i used to think this was unfair but only 1% of tangiers smokers are able to do this. I talke to Eric about if he would ship to any consumer if they called him directly for an order and his response is rarely, under certain extreme circumstances.
now somewhere in this post i read doubling a price in retail is a rippoff. whoever said that can you please give me your business resume? how many companies have you run? let's do this, let's say a retailer buys a product for $50, marks it to $100, that's double, offers 15% promocodes, and between credi card charges and packaging loses another 5%, so now the retailer is at $80, meaning $30 net profit. What about time? What about rent? What about employees. I find the "ripoff" comment offensive and naive. Retailers don't set up shop just to make the consumers life easier, they do it for a profit, all of them, even though they may act like they are not making $$$.
If Eric charges you the same as he charges me it doesn't mean I will change my prices to sell it at cost, and I definately will not sell it to you to make $1 per 250g. That's what Nakhla is for...volume.
Thank you John. I continue with my belief of how much ass you kick.
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