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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
Thats why I said $1.50 ****AFTER**** cost and shipping, in other words, after all costs involved with the product. It means I'm offering 1.50 of pure profit per bag in excess of 12 bags at a time.

You say make a $1.50 profit per pack, but you arent considering the rent rates( basically overheads), packaging cost, the actual shipping cost that most vendors discount, the various discounts given, the time it takes to package every order, the workers, etc etc.

They are a lot of cost involved when you have a shop even if it is online, like credit card transaction cost etc, that customers dont consider.

So on the whole we dont know how much vendors make it could be $2 per pack or $5, but if you check most website the prices are within 10% of each other and thats for a reason not to rip customers off, but because they are hidden cost that everyone doesn't see

So its unfair comparing a vendors cost to wholesalers cost, if everyone could get wholesale prices they would be no vendors left
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