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Default Re: New Narghile Stuff in Yemen

Yes I too found it interesting that my host has such a complicated sense of aesthetics as such a thing is very rare and basically unique amongst elderly Arabic men. He's a very eclectic fellow in love with esoterica.

As to the propane rig I didn't taste anything other then the moassel. The is not direct but it heats a stainless steel vessel that holds the foil *** with moassel.

Apparently the little tank is good for about 6 hours which means that a normal session for me would cost about $2 in fuel. Of course propane is cheaper in the states so i'd guess you'd spend about $1-1.5 per session depending upon where you buy the fuel and how much at a time.

As to "the unit 2.0" I didn't try but it looked very well built, super tight and for the most part well thought out. What I don't like is the absence of an ashtray, the use of aluminum and the lack of a purge valve.
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