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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Ultimately, i think its a matter of what one persons perception of worth is. As well as Net cost. As well as Econ 101.. lol

Profit is a very good thing. Someone could buy something for 1 dollar, and sell it for 10. I have seen it. :::cough:: Home Depot::: cough::: I used to be a Department Supervisor. The cost and profit off a lot of things were seriously rediculous. However, people gladly pay the prices.

Anyway i am getting sidtracked. One person can look at something and think its worth a buck. While someone else looks at it and can think its work 20. If they can get someone to buy it for 20, guess who just made more money.

You take your cost, your mark up percentage, and the profit margin (sorry this is very simplified). This is where it fluctuates. What i am wondering, is if the tobacco and coals are considered a commodity. If they are, the price for them will fluctuate considerably. So the price to the consumer will as well.
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