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Default Re: Question for Couples who smoke?

while i am not a father or even in a relationship i think i would want to go about it like this. i wouldnt smoke around my kids in a confined space, probably would designate a smoking room or garage or something at least until the kids are older. when they are teenagers i might let them try it if they want to for the simple fact that they either can try it at home with me in a safe environment or they could try it with friends who might set it up wrong or end up getting caught and getting in trouble with the law. my parents never smoked so i never had that experience but they did always let me and my siblings drink responsibly at home (no going any where after, not giving it to friends, etc etc) and we never had that crazy want to go get drunk all the time. we can responsibly enjoy alcohol, i think if we were raised in a house with tobacco we would look at tobacco the same, granted i see tobacco as something to enjoy and dont really feel addicted.

i think it is the right thing to keep kids away from exposure when they are young but once they get to the teenage years you are dealing with them wanting what is forbidden so you have to figure out how to go about it.

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