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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

I wasn't trying to imply any vendor on here was ripping people off. In fact I wasn't implying anything I said TO a vendor participating on this site. I mean that sites, I'm not going to name all of them, and I will stress there are a LOT of sites selling at this rate, for instance the has tangiers at regular price at 17 bucks! Not to forget the beloved F-line at 19 for regular price. Now granted they might have it cheaper if they have a sale but those are there regular prices. That is a HEFTY profit. I especially wasn't implying anything to you hookah john, after all I've ordered quite a bit from you, including tangiers on 1 or 2 occasions, including the KM hookah which is beyond beautiful and I thank you for. But the point of this story was to make awareness of the ongoing issues with the prices that many sites like the hookah company are selling items like tangiers for. I really don't appreciate how everyone was bashing me but I suppose I was asking for it by not explaining myself more thoroughly. Hopefully people will stop bashing me now. lol
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