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Default Re: Question for Couples who smoke?

Thats a tough question, what is an acceptable age for us may be crazy for someone growing up in a new age. All I know is if my and my gf were to get married and have kids, if they were going to do these things, I would rather them do it at my home with theyre friends instead of getting drunk and doing it at some party where some asshole spikes it with something they shouldn't. I mean it was a dangerous world growing up even for me, I cant imagine what it will be a decade or 2 down the road. I knew back a few years ago when I started hookah quite a bit of 13 and 14 yr olds smoking hookah. So I have no f'ing clue when to introduce something like this to a child. I mean if I say "hey son, I know your 15 now and when I was your age I started smoking hookah, would you like to try?" I halfway expect a reply like "dad, I've been smoking hookah for 5 years now." lol
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