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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
In addition I basically smoke like a chimney and keep a hookah lit all night when I get I work and cant burn through any more than 3 kilos a month. Maybe that will change now since I'm use the pyrex vortex and it holds quite a bit more tobacco but even then I might get up to 4 kilos a month. I don't know what it takes for a consumer to order to consider it a large quantity buy. Last month I bought 7 kilos and hope it will last me 2 months but for someone whos using it by himself and not selling it, that is a tremendous amount for me. And maybe to others on here, when you order that much, would you consider it to be a large buy? I'm just saying, doesn't someone who spends nearly 400 bucks every couple months deserve a slightly better discount than someone who buys 50 bucks worth of tobacco ever few months? Not to forget the coals too.
I usually buy tones of shisha cos i have at least 2 hookahs going at the same time minimum and i use phunnels on them so its easily 60+grams of shisha gone in one session with friends and i always have new set of friends that come and smoke so i will have ppl round at least 4-5 times a week

and usually its more then 1 bowl as well, so i go through shisha like anything
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