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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Only problem is, if your not running a hookah lounge out of your home, its hard to see you dig that deep into you pocket to put out for 10 kilos. I suppose if the discount was right, I would but damn. I'm too young to save money, I mean I usually buy tobacco every month or 2 and its usually 3-4 kilos at a time and if I run out early then I'll buy some through vendors like hookah john to hold me over before I buy a whole bunch more again. I cant save money, I keep spending it on crap like computers and cellphones, I mean shit, I just bought a 50" plasma 2 months ago and now I'm buy some badass surround sound system made for some company called Onkyo or something and thats gonna put me back like a G. I need to start saving money and I should be able to put together a 10 kilo order to a vender thats interested.
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