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Default Re: Where do you buy shisha locally?

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bp wtf! jk, i feel the same way as a consumer, local places are the best if you can get to them. it seems as though any area with any type of middle eastern market will have at least some nak and at a good price. supermarkets are the best as they dont mark up as much, they just want to move everything as quick as possible. this is great. in defense of any online vendors that may have higher prices online vendors may have better selction and lack of sales tax, but as a consumer i love the convenience ot the touch/feel aspects of stores.
Oh, crap! John caught us! Everyone scatter!

For me, when it comes to this type of thing, I usually don't think of what I want before I want to have it. So thinking about all the different kinds of shisha I'm going to want in the future is always tricky for me. I end up overbuying or underbuying and either way I end up frustrated.

I like having a local shop because it lets me think of something I want to try in the morning and by evening have it ready to go. I would rather drive 45 minutes to buy the stuff than spend 10 bucks on shipping and wait four or five days to get it.

Personally, I would still prefer to make my major buys online because of the selection and price. But for accessories and shisha, I would definitely prefer to shop locally; shipping rates with them can get out of hand. A $9 box of Nakhla turns into a $17 box. So, to make it even out, you have to buy everything you need in one order. Say you have plenty of everything you need, but then break your bowl. Unless you're buying a bunch of other stuff at the same time, you'll be paying $25 for a $16 bowl. Or, as has been my case a few times now, everything you want is not all carried by the same retailer. You can very quickly quadruple the cost of shipping.

I'd just rather not fuss with shipping at all. Especially since, in my experience, the shisha and accessories usually seem to be just as much or cheaper than the online competitors. Plus, increasing competition is pretty much always good for the customers.
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