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Default New York Bans Nearly All Flavoured Tobacco

I was checking an email from a pal of mine that is stuck in the People's Republic of New York City and he was watching the debate and vote on the ban and pointed out that ban was justified as a way from keeping children away from hookahs. Apparently the thinking is that evil shisha cafes have seduced the other wise innocent and healthy children of NYC into the horrors of nicotine addiction via candied moassels which are being promoted big tobacco companies (AKA satan) so only by banning all flavoured tobaccos (save menthol, mint, winter green and clove cigarettes) can we save the children. He also told me that the NYC politicians were very worked up about the evils of cherry pipe tobacco and cigars made by Drew Estates and ACID as being equally evil as moassel. Apparently, the politicians of NYC think that not only can children some how can afford 10 buck a pop cigars and brier pipes but they have no trouble buying them and that flavoured tobacco is somehow marketed and soled to children by wicked hookah lounges and cigar divans.

You can read about it here:

In other new, the mayor of NYC is seeking to ban smoking parks and every other public place which is something that even the proles in North Korea can do without fear of fines/jail time.

Yet somehow people in this forum of all places think that our hobby won't be affected. I guess they never noticed how many places in the U.S. has made it illegal to own a shisha lounge.

Wow, how I miss the land of free!
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