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Default Re: Nicotine Withdrawl?

Nicotine poisoning is extremely unlikely, even so far as to say not possible in the scenario you've described. Nicotine poisoning requires 40-60mg of nicotine in humans, the common cigarette harbors on averages 1.7mg of nicotine. In order for you to overdose you would have to be wearing a patch, chewing gum, and smoking a cigarette.

now obviously sisha is a bit different. Extended sessions I do find myself with a nice buzz that will last me half the day. (about a 2-3 hour session at my local lounge and i won't be craving a cigarette for at least 6 hours. For someone who's smoked 12+ years it's pretty impressive)

However like others have suggested, it is most likely CO poisoning. i have experiance similar issues when smoking cigarettes in a small closed room for nearly whole days at a time. migraine type headaches, chest pains, shortness of breath, being unable to focus your eyes. (i do all of my hookah smoking outdoors so I haven't had this experience with hookah)

So the easy fix would be to open windows, set up fans, after smoking for a bout a hour or two let your coals die and take a break for a few hours. Stay hydrated, have something to snack on before or during your sessions. If you start to feel lightheaded stop, go outside, and get some fresh air.

Also for future reference. Nicotine withdrawals include such things as the shakes, irritability, loss of appetite, and strong cravings. Typically I've found from smoking 1 pack a day it wont really take into full effect until the 2nd or third day, except for the cravings which will hit in a few hours.

Enjoy your hookah responsibly =)
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