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Default Re: why does tangiers from the retailers cost so much more

Originally Posted by armenakadino View Post
trust me I was not expecting all this decided next time to keep my opinion to myself
Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
Why? This forum is for everyone to express their opinions and ideas etc. Just because we dont all agree about something (some tend to be more vocal or adamant) doesnt mean you cant have a voice.
Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
[FONT=Verdana]I donít think these statements are right. You shouldnít feel like you canít share your opinion with the rest of HP. If you do, then IMO we as a group have failed miserably. This forum (I am not the creator or a mod) was created I am sure with the hopes of people exchanging thoughts, ideas, opinions, and solutions. Without them, all you are left with is the infamous What hookah should i buy, or Like my new hookah threads, and the HP forums would surely die. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]I myself am sorry you feel that way about not sharing opinions. As well as apologize for the ignorance of others with statements of telling you to keep your opinion. I have read and kept up with this thread, and I donít see (flaming) or anyone really knocking your opinion. What i do see, is a fairly intelligent thread with questions and answers to the best of peoples abilities and I feel that this is one of the more intelligent threads on this forum that i have seen so far. [/FONT]

We would be left with the "n00b" questions unless people like you feel like expressing they opinions, i really enjoyed reading this thread even tho i didnt agree with all of it, its good seeing everyones views
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