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Default Clarifications on Shisha tobacco ordered online for Canada

I've read a couple of post on the forum about the subject and some of the answers were contradictory or nobody seemed to know what was the real limit someone had to respect in order to not pay customs fees when they were ordering shisha tobacco. I decided today to call the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), which is the department that is regulating the import/export items for Canada and asked them the question.

The answer was that no matter how much tobacco you order online, even 50g, it is subject to customs fees. So therefore there is no minimal amount allowed. So, consider that next time you order because if you get caught, you will pay a lot of extras for a 30$usd order lets say.

The limit of 250g only applies if you travel to the US and then come back to Canada with some shisha tobacco and that it is for a 48 hours trip.

Hope it will help some of you in your future endeavors...
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