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Default Re: New York Bans Nearly All Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by twoapplesplease View Post
after reading into some of the links in the link there.It seems the sale of flavored tobacco's are are still alowed in tobacco bars.Making cigar/pipe/hookah lounges and clubs exempt from the new laws.I think its just to keep the flavored tobacco's out of view from children in like a gas station or grociery store.
I don't think its gonna be a big deal for adults other than you'll have to go to an actual tobacco shop to get your goodies soon.
That is interesting although from what I heard the legislators that voted for it (apparently all but one of them) want to go after hookahs, high end flavoured cigars and flavoured pipe tobacco as that is what they talked about for the most part. As I understand it, a hunch of anti-lounge measures are in the works which run on the "save the children" schlock and the eco hazards of hanging out/working in smoke filled lounges. I also understand that the NY insurance commission is of the opinion that licenses and insurance fees for lounges need be raised many orders of magnitude to help pay for the terrible damage smoking has on the environment. Besides, tax revenue is down so clearly the solution is to make stuff more expensive so less people will buy stuff.
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