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Default Re: New York Bans Nearly All Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Well you need to think in terms of the typical commissar wannabe to understand things like this. You see a few reports written by anti-tobacco researchers with anti-tobacco money concluded that a flawed literature review showed second hand smoke wasn't dangerous and that required selectively picking out stuff that suggested other wise and assuming that normally moderate correlates equal proof of causality. When you do those sorts of things, presto! you've got a reason to ban something that you'd prefer people not do. In other words you need to force the data to suit your biases and agenda so that you can demand laws that make people do as want them to.

It's all about establishing state control over people since proles like you and I since clearly we aren't up to make decisions about stuff we need someone to protect us from our selves.

Basically the second hand smoke hysteria is like global warming hysteria in that it all comes down to a bunch of commissar wannabes having an over powering desire to force people to live as they think they should. The difference between the global warming cultists and the anti-tobacco cultists is that a lot more money can be made by the politically powerful with the eco hysteria.
Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
They should allow smoking in parks and encourage it. People who take their children to the park should tell their children "Do you see that man smoking over there? Thanks to him you have health insurance. The government decided to tax the living daylights out of people who smoke so you could have health insurance. That is an honest tax paying citizen. Wave and smile at the nice man. There are very few honest tax paying citizens like him around these days."
Wow, I think Hajo and Dunkel just became my new heros. The crappy thing is, I have these same ideas floating around in my head but I can't seem to put the words together so they make sense. Thank you two so much for doing that for me.
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