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Default Re: Shisha in Vilnius

Originally Posted by daedra
hahaha, reminds me of paintball, everyone showing up with their top of the line guns and equipment, and instead of getting down to business they talk about how much their equipment costs and what not lol. bring your own hookah gear sounds great but it would be a challenge to keep things from getting into a contest.

"i notice your smoking a KM."
"yea, its pretty nice"
"pfft, for a beginner"
"beginner? i got tangiers loaded"
"thats nothing. i got dingleberry shisha loaded"
Yeah, I know what you mean. When I had my own cafe i'd get this college kids comming in that thought they were super macho braging about how much they smoked and buzzed they got after smoking for 8 hours. Occasionally i even hear someone say that so and so was a puss cause he passed out. I wish people like that would spend their time drinking shit beer so we wouldn't have to put up with them.
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