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Default Re: Help with finding a good place to buy shisha in sharm el sheikh

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I haven't been there in a couple of years but most Nakhla products are everywhere in Egypt. My understanding is that Mizo is pretty rare but TE could tell you where to get it. What you really want to do is to grab some Prince Excellent Mood, Prince Kass Lux El-Arabi and Kass Afriki. I also recall TE saying that he found a place that caries Societe Chark du Tabac products so grab the following in as big a quantities as possible: Moassel El Kif, Arous El Nile, El Gondoul, Tombac Super Moassel and Tombac Super Moassel Honey. Naturally if you can get any Nakhla in Jars rather then boxes do that as well.

Thats a lot of brands you listed, and i didnt look everywhere, but sharm is a bit like Dubai been built up from scratch and they really didnt have anything apart from standard nakhla and AF, didnt even see the mizo line they, but i didnt look that hard.

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
PBB did you find the Nakhla there to be different than what you get in the US and/or UK?
Its pretty much the same apart from the fact that a 50gram sampler only has about 15 grams init LOL, Ahmed wasnt joking when he said there is only a third of what there should be in a box.

I only brang the mizo containers back and i cant really compare them to the boxes as the containers are way more juicer and it taste a bit better as well, and the only other flavours i brang back was mixed fruit and a few 50gram samplers which i have given away so cant compare to the US/UK stuff, but il compare the mixed fruits i got from you to the stuff i brang back as i still have a few boxes left
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