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Default Re: Off the beaten path (obscure hookah vendors)

Originally Posted by nofrendo
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
I never understood the appeal of the mod chinese made rigs because, to me at least, the individualism found in tradition narghile and craftsmenship is big part of the appeal of smoking. It seems that in the states almost everyone has the same machined stuff which takes a lot of the fun out of buying a rig. I've found several good deals on traditional rigs that look better, smoke better, last much longer and are often cheaper then the stuff from chinese factories. Some of the sources mentioned above seem pretty good but a bit on the expensive side.
I have to disagree. To me, the appeal of smoking comes in the aesthetics of the hookah, hot necessarily how it was made. I am a smoker of mod chinese hookahs, and enjoy the look, solid feel, and consistency that I get from them. If someone has the same hookah as me, I don't take offense or feel that my experience has been cheapened, but feel glad that that person can enjoy the same beauty that I experience from my hookah.
I think it's a safe bet we have pretty different ideas about aesthetics and that is understandable as we are from radically different backgrounds. I've never been happy with the quality of the smoke from Chinese rigs so that would affect my take on the thing. Also, I've had far too many problems with Chinese rigs breaking and i've never known of anyone to have one that has worked well for 5+ years. One the other hand lots of handmade narghiles have given several generations of fine service with only minor repairs. As to consistency the better brands made in Turkey and the Arabic countries are extremely consistent without looking like it came from a huge factory. Also, I try to avoid buying stuff from totalitarian slave states when I can get stuff made by a family owned business instead.
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