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Default Re: New tobacco law. Will it affect hookah?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
go look at the bill, the cig companies have just as big of a hand in it as the govt. phillip morris basically has wanted to prevent people from using flavorings since PM really didnt make cigs with flavors yet RJ renyolds did... more of a way to kick out competition

My ability to grasp American humor must have slipped because you can't be serious. Phillip Morris is a huge company with billions in sales and yet they supposedly are threatened by a tiny portion of the cigarette market they don't compete in so rather then make a new product which they could easily do they work to ban it. Oddly enough they don't lobby to get rid snuss, snuff, unflvoured pipe tobacco or hand made cigars even though those market segments are bigger. Instead lobbied to have the FDA control their industry and ban stuff which they could sell which is odd since increased government regulation raises their costs substantially.

The truth is is that big tobacco could care less about moassel and flavoured cigarettes any more then they care about dissolvable tobacco or tombac. I suppose that for some people it's easier to blame big tobacco for anti-tobacco lobbying then it is to blame those actually openly promote regulating, taxing and banning tobacco to ever greater degrees. Of course such notions make it all the easier to prevent effective opposition to the anti-tobacco lobby.
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