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Default brand new nammor hose is... RUSTING!

i received my brand new nammor hose, washed it and hung it up to dry two nights ago. yesterday morning i awoke to find that the end which inserts into the hookah is rusting. in looking closely inside the hose, i can see a plastic lining in between the outer hose material and the metal coil - i am not sure if it is supposed to be like this but i am wondering if this is a manufacturing error since the metal coil is exposed.

either way, a never-been-used washable hose is rusting. what a piece of...

when i received the hose, the grommets were loose so obviously the glue used to secure them was not the best. i read about others having this problem, no big deal. are you not supposed to wash the hose without the grommets? and i used water more on the cold/warm water when i was washing so it's not a temperature issue.

i bought it from southsmoke. they are offering me a south smoke certificate, which is nice, but now i have to pay shipping a second time to get a hose where either the manufacturer is lying about it being washable or has such poor quality control that its washable hoses rust on arrival. and there is nothing else on their site that i need (their other hoses are nothing special).

very very disappointed. anyone else have a similar experience?
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