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Default Re: reviving my rusted nammor

hi dunkel.

the hose is dark blue. the rust is that orange rust color.

when i ran water through the hose the first time i was watching to see some excess dye run off. there was none. and the hose was fine after that so i hung it to dry. it's only the next morning that the end that goes into the hookah had the orange/rust crap inside.

there is a metal coil inside my nammor. i would have thought that a washable hose would not have a metal coil.

i have no idea what is going on with this hose. it looks just like all the pictures i have seen of a nammor but it is rusted and has a metal coil. southsmoke will give me credit but i have to pay shipping to get a new one sent to me, so i am trying to at least make a new hose out of the piece of crap "nammor" they sent me.
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