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Default Getting the Sweet Spot

So I just started smoking AF. So far, it tastes great. I love the grape and cappuccino flavors. Gonna try cinnamon and honey later today. But what I've noticed in virtually all my smoking is that there's a sweet spot for taste and smoke that's a little tricky to get and hold on to.

It's the place where the smoke is smooth and thick, but not overwhelming on your lungs and throat and the flavor is good and clear, but not so rich that it's unpleasant (especially in sweeter shisha flavors). So far, in my experience, it doesn't usually come until the coals have burned down about 30%.

Presumably because there's less heat. But therein lies the problem. With a phunnel bowl, I can get the sweet spot right away by only using two Cocos, but then I lose the sweet spot and things end up thin after 30 - 40% of the coals have burned down. But on the flip side, if I use 3 coals (or 4 on Nakhla) it ends up unpleasant for the first 20 minutes until the coals have burned up some. Flavor is too rich, and the smoke is too thick or heavy to take good hits and get nice smoke.

I'm figuring there must be some technique that I can't quite grasp. Can anyone give some tips to getting and holding onto that sweet spot? Maybe point me toward some videos? Anything really. I just feel like I'm wasting coals.
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