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Default Re: Getting the Sweet Spot

Originally Posted by CPX View Post
Try starting out with 2 coals, then about 8-10 minutes to spare before taste and smoke starts to wane, light up another coconara. Once it's red hot, move the two smaller coals to one side and add the third coal on the opposite side.
Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Coal placement is probably your issue. If you are using coconut coals then start them on their thin sides and then flip them to the wide sides as needed. If you can't get that down start the coals on the edges of the bowl hanging partially off the edge but not dangerously so. Then move them inward as the heat decreases.
Yeah, I think this might be the solution. I wish there were like a brand specific guide for each one. What seems to work for Nakhla doesn't really seem to apply to AF or Tangiers.

I went to a lounge of in NY earlier this year. We smoked for an hour and a half without ever giving any attention to the coal or bowls. Nor did our server need to adjust anything for us. The experience was great and consistent pretty much the whole time. There was a windscreen over the top, so I couldn't see what kind of bowl they were using and our server didn't know what brand of shisha it was. My guess is Nakhla or AF since thats what most lounges seem to be using.

But I can't for the life of be replicate the ease of that experience.
This is my:
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