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Default Re: brand new nammor hose is... RUSTING!

i bought it from southsmoke.

the initially offered me credit to get something else. they did this without seeing any pictures, which is a nice start. my problem is that i don't think i should have to pay shipping twice for a hose, and, i don't like any of their other hoses. i would normally take another nammor but if the nammors they sell are fake, then obviously i don't want another one.

i asked them for my money back, or for someone there to carefully inspect their stock to be sure they have a real one to send me (and no shipping charge).

their pre-sale service and shipping were good and fast, and initially their customer service in this instance has been good. i hope they continue with this level of service and do what's right. i'll be sure to report back here either way.
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