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Default Re: Where do you buy shisha locally?

The owners at every smoke shop in my town are related somehow (one dude is cousins with the other, one is another dudes brother in law, and there are like 6 smoke shops) so unfortunately they all get their inventory from the same people which means every shop in town carrys Starbuzz and some other no name shisha brand (which doesnt bother me cus I been smokin hookah for 2 years and have never tried a different brand but would absolutely love to). But the smoke shop owner at this one place I go 2 hooks it up way better than online deals.

He gives me 250g of starbuzz for 16.99 and he sells kilos (1000g) for $55. One time he was out of Kilo's and just let me choose Four 250g tins for the same price. Although I am sick of smoking small quicklights and wanna try ******* Hookah quicklights or something else. I might make an online order soon.
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