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Default Re: brand new nammor hose is... RUSTING!

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post from the site

Nammor Hose Specs
Brand: North Smoke Length: Approximately 72 inches Wide Body: Yes Washable: Yes Colors: Blue, Green, Red

[FONT=Arial]This Wide Body Hose is designed for everday use, as the inside lining of the hose is made of a durable hard plastic material that will not deteriorate in quality. To avoid rusting, the Mouth Tips are made of plastic and are coated in order to repel water. In addition, the extra wide thickness of the hose allows for the smoke to pass through easily and effortlessly, making your hookah smoking experience even more enjoyable.

Think They have an epic failure here Check the Brand it is North Smoke

They sell the wide gauge MYA hose as a washable as well. If you read the description it's the exact same one used for the nammor but with the names substituted.
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