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Default Apple Thoughts and Nahkla DA

Let me start by saying that I, like 95% of the vocal HPers, love Nahkla DA (which I decided to start referring to as NDA) but as I was smoking my lovely bowl of NDA last night a few questions came to mind:

Why the anise? Why is this flavor so universally present in apple moassel? What kind of apples are they eating in the middle east that taste like licorice?? How did NDA come to evolve into what it is? (with the anise) because I don't know of any nahkla pre-dating DA that's just 'apple' or just 'double apple' without anise, HOW DID THEY DECIDE APPLE ALONE WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!?!? Isn't that like salting your dinner before you taste it? These are the questions my friends... these are the questions...

"From zero to hookah, in nothing flat."
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