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Issue #1

I agree with everyone who said that you should probably eat and/or drink before you smoke. I had the worst experience when I smoked on an empty stomach, and I threw up after that session. WORST PAIN EVER! So make sure you eat and drink before/during, and again with what everyone else said, just relax. Take in a few good hits, but you don't have to take constant huge hits, pass the hose around, enjoy the company of those around you, have a nice conversation. If you're feeling lucky, dare that special someone to do a shotgun, hahaha.

So when I smoke, personally, I make sure I've eaten, and then me and my friends just put on some nice Middle Eastern music and chill. Sometimes we'll watch whatever game is on, or just listen to the music, it's all good in the end. If you want some tips on Middle Eastern music you can listen to some Amr Diab, Alabina, and Arash, for starters. Hope this post helped.

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