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Default Tangiers Phunnel bowl... impressed, i am not

i just got a tangiers small phunnel bowl... so far not impressed in the least. The main problem is the funnel constantly gets clogged with foil. i have used the binder clip mod, and it worked well, but i got the 15 dollar tangiers bowl so i wouldnt have to deal with stuff like that. The only time i can get the foil to stop sucking into the funnel is if i poke a lot of holes, so many that i get weak clouds and a burnt top layer of shisha. You also have to get the foil perfectly tight, cuz if you dont the slightest slack will restrict airflow. a regular bowl or a vortex is much better than this, unless, after all the stuff i did to get this bowl to not be a pita, i am doing something wrong.
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