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Default Re: POLL: Iphone Application For HOOKAHPRO.COM

Originally Posted by Mfoehrkolb View Post
--- I can source how coding works on the phone tomorrow sometime, and i will be sure to tell you if i am able to do it from the PC...

I KNOW i can do basically any type of coding out there, it's just the fact do i have the proper programs and or computer to be doing what it requires... I'll see what i can do though...

Since i have an Iphone 3g, it's kinda on top of my list on things to do...

Side Note: Was watching a movie tonight with the significant other, and i slipped the phone out of my pocket and opened up and i was instantaneously scolded and she said, "You really are addicted aren't you."

I simply smiled
Sounds like me at work with my blackberry. Though, it doesn't let me write...
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