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Default Re: Belly hurts after a good smoke

I'm a Diet coke fan myself.

Anyway, Did you light those instant lights indoors? in a non vented room? Also I don't know about the coals you used, but the golden coals I had before gave me pretty bad headaches even after lighting them all the way. however with ******* Hookah's QL coals i haven't had that problem.

Also I always keep some kind of beverage next to me. And I make sure that I decide when to stop, not the bowl. If I know I still have another 40+ minutes on my bowl but I'm not feeling well, or I'm feeling sleepy from being so relaxed, I will just pull the coals and start back up later.

Also I haven't had that problem with Nakhla yet, but I've also been smoking around a pack of cigarettes a day for the last decade+ so the nicotine isn't new to me, in fact it's something I rather enjoy about Nakhla.
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