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Default Re: Belly hurts after a good smoke

Originally Posted by Yaotzin View Post
I'm a Diet coke fan myself.

Anyway, Did you light those instant lights indoors? in a non vented room? Also I don't know about the coals you used, but the golden coals I had before gave me pretty bad headaches even after lighting them all the way. however with ******* Hookah's QL coals i haven't had that problem.

Also I always keep some kind of beverage next to me. And I make sure that I decide when to stop, not the bowl. If I know I still have another 40+ minutes on my bowl but I'm not feeling well, or I'm feeling sleepy from being so relaxed, I will just pull the coals and start back up later.

Also I haven't had that problem with Nakhla yet, but I've also been smoking around a pack of cigarettes a day for the last decade+ so the nicotine isn't new to me, in fact it's something I rather enjoy about Nakhla.
--- We lite them inside in non or poorly ventilated room and then smoke in a non or poorly ventilated room... I'm pretty sure it was just the constant hits with the nicotine that I am just not used to at all since I'm against smoking haha. That along with my oxygen starved body. All in all, bad area to smoke in. I'm was fine though after I passed out for a bit with the cold air hitting me.
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