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Hey BigGuy,

There are a lot of factors that contribute to how much smoke your hookah will produce. These include, but are now limited to:

1) Quality of Hookah
a) Also the cleanliness of the hookah
2) Number of Hoses
a) Also the cleanliness of the hoses
3) Damage to Hookah
4) Air Leaks e.g. Grommets, Air-Valves
5) Bowl
a) Amount of Tobacco in Bowl
b) Amount of Charcoal used
c) Damage to Bowl

Check your hookah, and let me know some more specifics about the brand of hookah, if there's damage to your hookah, the cleanliness of it, and the hoses. Also, let me know how you pack your bowl, what kind of tobacco and coal you use, if there's any damage to your bowl, and all that good stuff. I'm sure we'll have you blowin clouds soon.
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