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Default Re: Tangiers Phunnel bowl... impressed, i am not

Originally Posted by mcmlb55 View Post
well, i got a good sesh out of it with no real tricks, i guess. i loaded up some af grape (my experimentation shisha, cuz its no good). i used hd foil, as i always do, poked about 16 holes around the outside, maybe 8 to 12 in the next ring, and about 4 or 5 in the smallest ring. and just to make sure, i poke 1 hole in the middle. i got decent clouds, the flavor, well, was af grape. i had a prob before with the airflow not getting to the bottom, and just burning the top layer the whole time, but it used up just about the whole bowl. next time ill try it without the hole in the mid, and see what thats like, though i think ill be ok. ill have to try later with a shisha i actually enjoy, then its on to tinkering with nakhla!!!
Great to hear. Have fun and enjoy.
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