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Default Re: Small Hookah vs Big Hookah

There is a reason, I feel, why people say that smaller hookahs have better flavor. Lets face it, you most likely have a tighter draw with a smaller hookah than you do with a larger hookah, being that there aren't really many smaller hookahs that are wider gauged.

This has been discussed a number of times, and I definitely support the belief, that a slightly restricted draw ends up having better flavor. The smoke doesn't seem to fill the space as well if you will in a wider draw making the flavor seem weaker and as someone put it, "hallow". I'll try to use a practical example: Shooting Star Al Barudi. I smoked it on my thabet younis, with a narbish not too long ago, and realized I had to immediately change the hose out to something tighter because although smoke was coming through, the flavor was just lacking.

However, the taller hookahs seem to be attractive.....and you can restrict the draw on a KM by either packing the bowl differently or just using a restrictive hose to get this same effect.

That being said, taller hookahs are a pain to clean, my KM bahriyah is really annoying to clean, my km americana is a for the most part I dont like exceeding 30"

I use my Nour LE more and more now because it smokes really well, has a slightly tighter draw, and is easy to clean.

So let me put it this way for you, don't exceed 30" for something thats going to be a personal smoker, if its for something social, go for whatever, but for a personal one, you have to like the draw, the style, and realize how much effort it will take you to clean it....(college kids don't have deep sinks usually)

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