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Default No taste and lack of smoke

Hey, i purchased me a hookah this summer and i loved it its a 22" 2 hose Egyptian. We sat in the hot sun and smoked about the entire summer. Until i ran out of tobacco. After that i really didn't smoke for a while.

Until now, I found some shisha down in Oslo and bought about 750grams and some coals.
But now, whenever i smoke i get none to very little smoke and virtually no taste. I tried with two coals then the taste just got ALOT sweeter but that was it. Also if i keep smoking i get sick...This NEVER happened to me during the summer and we smoked alot then. I also notice when i un pack my bowl much shisha is stuck to the foil.

Is my coals crap? is it my tobacco? or is my bowl too shallow?
Ive tried AF double apple and Fruit coctail and they are both like that
The tobacco is wet and juicy and is stored in an airtight glass jar

I want to be able to make big mushroom clouds again

// Sindre
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