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Originally Posted by bigguy
I use 33mm ql 3 kings coals
I smoke El Nakhla and Al Amir as they came with the hookah
30" KM hookah
3 hose
Hookah 2 weeks old
stock bowl that comes with the hookah

I have been pluging the one hole and just using the two holes.

I have checked the hose to base for leaks and did not find any. I will put it all together and see if I can find any air leaks.

Thanks for any help.

Just put everything together like you're about to smoke it, except don't put a bowl on. Then put your finger over the top and suck through the hose. You shouldn't get any air.

Also, Nakhla can take a LOT of heat. Start with 2 coals around the edge and get it to where the smoke is medium thick. Then add another coal and move one to make all three a triangle on the edges. Should get you solid smoke.

Nakhla is a lot drier than other tobaccos so I find it needs more heat...
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