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Default Re: Getting new base, how do I size?

(I've never bought parts separately except bowls, so I'm a little nervous about getting it right. I don't exactly have cash to spare.)

So basically, I just match the numbers? What do I do if it gets here and it too big/small for the grommet? Is there a way to size the grommet as well?

Also, does it matter how much space you have between the bottom of the downstem and the bottom of the vase? Following the match the numbers, there are a couple that would seem to fit, but one has like 2 inches to spare and the other has 1 inch to spare below the downstem. Will that affect the smoking quality or anything?

This stem is what used to be a 36" KM with the old base. I'm also nervous the base won't be sturdy enough for the weight and height and it will tip over.


Also, will a silicone vs. rubber grommet vs. other make a difference? I've only used the ones that came with the hookah. (Foam rubber looking stuff on the KM, and a rubber one on the Sahara)

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