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Default Re: HH in a phunnel?

Originally Posted by tokyodrifter View Post
HookaH HookaH is hands down the worst shisha I've ever smoked... horrid flavors, burns easier than paper, and last about 20 minutes if you're lucky no matter how you pack it.
Oh and they obviously use low quality cigarette tobacco

Haha, I almost completely agree with you...actually thinking back I do agree with you. I have only bought 300g of HH since I started smoking personally and I must say its on the bottom of my list. I won't go as far to say they are the worst evar, but I'd say the lack of quality is a steep price for the variety of flavors, in which can be found in better brands (SB,JMs,AF)

But back to the phunnel...I would say to try and stick with any med-long cut tobacco with good moisture/vicousity ratios like Nahkla, Starbuzz, AF, Rosetta, Al Waha, Tangiers, El Hennyway...etc the list goes on. I would just suggest that anything with a cut smaller than JM's and has the texture of wet shredded paper should not go into a phunnel, a vortex works a ton better. Granted a phunnel and a vortex commercially are based on the fact that they catch drippies from going down the stem...I still find that because a vortex pulls the air through the shisha and is a bit deeper in the bowl it works better for fine to med cut tobaccos.

Pretty much a stick to:

Egyptian- For anything like Nahkla and for a more flavorful session (reason again being that the air flow is directly through the shisha but being that a egyptian bowl will always create more direct heat for the shisha I find it is better for use with Nahkla styled shisha, and never a good idea for heat sensitive or fine cut shishas)

Vortex- Already explained it for the most part...

Phunnel- Refer to "Vortex-"
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