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Originally Posted by austinthecity
maybe i just smoked from cheap smaller hookahs. one day i'll try a QT and see if it lives up to the hype..
Don't get a QT. You'll just be back at square on with the whole smoking out of a cheap hookah thing. Most other members have horrible stories about using the QT. Although I've never tried a QT, I can vouch for how good Mya's more expensive (read= higher quality) hookahs are. I own one and it's the best hookah I've come acoss. Do it right the first time, and buy a proper Mya that isn't their cheapest offering. Remember, there's a good reason for why a Qt is so cheap, and yet Mya offers other hookahs that range between $120-$200...

Originally Posted by bigguy
Thanks for the reply's . I had some grape flavored tobacco the other night and it smelled good. It was full of juice but there was no flavor at all. I was bummed out. I was just thinking of why this happended and thought of this topic. I will have to see why I had no flavor then. Thanks.

You could be lacking flavor for several reasons. But I wouldn't be too quick to blame it on the hookah itself. Most of the time, it's for another reason. I personally love tall hookahs. I don't like or buy small ones. The reason is because in my experience the tall ones hit smoother than the short ones. But, there is still flavor from both. A quality 16 inch hookah can smoke very similar to a 30 inch. It all depends on what type/brand of hookah you're talking about.

If I was you, I'd check how I'm packing my bowls. Maybe try something different, or try different coals. Also the brand of shisha can impact flavor greatly. Some brands don't last long on flavor or aren't all that pronounced. While others are completely in your face flavor, and they constantly let you know they're there. Like I said, it could be many different reasons for which you're not getting flavor. My advice, check the other things first before blaming the hookah itself.

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