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Default Re: New York Bans Nearly All Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by Straykat View Post
In the US, the number one tobacco product that gets kids started is Marlboros. The number one flavor of choice for beginning smokers is menthol. Can anyone guess which smoking product and flavor is excluded from the ban?

And as far as smoking in open outdoor areas like parks? You can skew "scientific" data to make anything look unsafe. You can make "science by press release" your tool of choice and say whatever you want with little consequence these days.

So many of my favorite hobbies have some zealot group trying to ban or control it.

Heres a MOLON ABE and a middle finger for you, bitches!!!!
I guess I never really thought about what kids smoke since when I was kid smoking among children was rare and ever since I started smoking I never really paid attention to cigarettes much since I never had one that I enjoyed.

To me it seems that what is happening that the state has assumed a parental role while parents are being marginalized even as the collapse of the nuclear family has built towards a societal collapse. Partly the state does by having schools being used to indoctrinate kids on pretty much every social issue while parents have little knowledge or control over what happens in schools.Recently I was watching videos of little kids in school being coached to sing praises of Obama and wondered why schools should be used to push someone's politcal agenda. The nation wide anti-tobacco campaign is just another sign of a political agenda being pushed via the school system with the help of the government.

Still, I doubt that tobacco will actually be banned but I think it will become heavily taxed and it's use so restricted that only fairly wealthy people will be able to do it.
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