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Default Re: New York Bans Nearly All Flavoured Tobacco

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Still, I doubt that tobacco will actually be banned but I think it will become heavily taxed and it's use so restricted that only fairly wealthy people will be able to do it.
It's still really cheap comparatively in the USA, but if the people who want to change that have their way (like they usually do), it will be.

Some good info in here, I didn't know about the Marlboro Mentol's example....

I will add that a lot of people PHILOSOPHICALLY believe that smoking is a contagion that should be illegal. We don't talk about that much here. A lot of people think they can take away our tobacco and do everyone a favor, most of all ourselves...

My view is that if it's not going to hurt anyone else, live and let live. There are exceptions but that's what real freedom is for the most part imo.

Also, if they keep jacking up the taxes and prices the black market will grow. It seems like all our problems nowadays arise from governing restrictions of some kind.
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