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Default Re: HH in a phunnel?

I've used HH in a vortex but never a phunnel and its the same principle so I'd say it works well. Since it is such a thin cut you need to pat it down a bit because if you just leave it fluffed up the strands of tobacco will burn quick because they are above the glycerin/honey and this leads to some of the complaints people have with HH. I personally smoked it when I was at college because my local vendor carried it. It smokes fine, really. Just dont push the heat too far because once again it'll burn. Light heat will give you less clouds but it'll keep the flavor and prevent you from having a bad session. I used to use one QL 33mm disk in half for a bowl and it was perfect. Maybe 2 naturals would do the trick. I've stretched HH/HF to 2 and a half hours so like I said it'll smoke if you fiddle with it to see what works best.

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