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Default Re: 25g Phunnel bowl?... Ever such a thing?

Originally Posted by Mfoehrkolb View Post
hmmm, so all in all... small phunnel... is close enough to my 20-25g capacity that i am looking for... Its only me and my girl who usually smoke from it and i like the ability to just end a session if i must and not worry about basically trashing the tobacco in it.
It depends on how you pack. If you are smoking Tangiers I would definitely say no unless you really like smoking it underpacked. With other brands you can get away with 20-25g if you get a small phunnel that's on the smaller end.

It's very hard to take other people's packing weights to compare or determine the sizes of phunnels. Tobacco and packing preferences just vary too widely. Just look at the responses you got in this thread

My largest small is 2-3/4" in OD, which is actually on the smaller end for small phunnels. That holds on average 36g of Tangiers Noir when packed. In comparison, my largest mini is 2-5/8" and that holds 30g typically. Weights would be less for any other brand.

Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
yes its the mini.. more like 30g or so.. but you will have to travel to San Diego to buy it straight from the source.. or if your lucky.. you might... MIGHT find someone on here that s willing to let theirs go.. but expect to pay a good amount for it ...
Minis are not a regular item at Oddessey. The ones he's had from recent batches were overages from custom orders.
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