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Default A present from my fiancÚ's sister

So my fiancÚ's sister and mom stayed with us a few nights ago and we decided that we wanted to smoke. Her sister having never smoked anything before in her life and having never heard of let alone seen a hookah was full of questions. Anyway we did our best to explain and show her how everything worked. She didn't want to smoke but was fascinated nonetheless, especially when we started blowing out massive clouds and doing tricks. So she was on her way back through town today and wanted to know if we would be home so she could drop off something she got for us. We were so we told her to come on by. She proceeds to give us this teeny tiny little hookah. Overall it is only 7.5" tall!! It's a piece of crap and I'll probably only use it once just to see how big a piece of crap it is but hey, the thought and all that. Just wanted to share with everyone. It is kind of a neat little thing. Completely worthless but neat.
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