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Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding
I've been hearing a lot about this new brand. Some lucky peeps got some samples in their hands :P

But from the looks of it, the brand doesn't seem too great b/c people keep saying how all the juice keeps going down the stem and into the vase. Seems like this brand is way too juicy :P

But then again, Kamal is trying to get as much feedback as possible so they can improve it and everything.
No Jilly juicy would be a delight! LOL The liquid in this shisha is like thick dark corn syrup. It doesn't get leaky until it gets heated, then it drenches your grommet and coats the inside of the stem. If you don't clean the stem immediately after the session the goop in the stem hardens to a awful sticky mess that takes hot water, vinegar, and several passes with a cleaning brush to remove. I like most of the flavors but that excessive sticky syrup stuff is a real pain.
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