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Default Re: How Many Hookahs Do You Have / Rate Them

I currently have only 1 hookah. I've had 3 so far, and I have one on the way.

My first hookah was given to me by a friend who's parents didn't appreciate him smoking. I think it was chinese, didn't have any special markings on it or anything. It was about 14-16 inches tall. It smoked decent from what I can remember, but I last smoked it about 3 years ago, before I really knew anything about hookah. It disappeared mysteriously in a move.

My second hookah was a 2-hose custom blown-glass hookah. It was all glass (vase, downstem and bowl) with clear nylon tubing for the hoses. Unfortunately, it wasn't very strong and my cat knocked it over one day and broke it. It smoked excellently, and while it didn't have a conventional purge, all you had to do was take the stem out (easy) and blow into a hose to clear it. Edit: This one was by far the best smoke.

My current hookah is a 28inch chinese mya knockoff. It's decent. The draw is really good but it won't fully purge. I guess that's not too important anyway.

I've got a 9in Al Fahker Junior on the way, I'll be sure to review it when it gets in!

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