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Default Re: How much sheesha

i've only been to one hookah lounge and they charged a 5$ fee for a membership for a year and then it was like 15$ per bowl something like that. we used a huge three headed bowl but i can't remember the price of that one, they also offered melon bowls and apple bowls for extra.
and i agree with bobmarley his ideas are actually very well thought.

along with your "amount" dilemma, in my opinion a bowl usually doesnt smoke right unless you just pack the bowl normally. if it doesn't have the right amount of shisha, what i'd do is get different sized bowls, basically plan on carrying all types of bowls? I.E. egyptian, phunnel, vortex, mod, and all the sizes. also a few novelty ones as they attract crowds too, like mulitple head bowls like i had, which you have the option of smoking a bunch of flavors and having them mix or just one at a time which will last forever.. or for just sampling. also the same kinda idea with a multi chambered bowl, instead of just seperate head just the bowls with dividers in them, should work equally well if not better.

i really hope this helped.
don't know if i exactly answered rather than gave my opinion.
good luck though.
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